Yagodnoe — a great clay-sandy slope height of 20-30 meters length of several kilometers. You can spend hours soar in dynamic updrafts in Yagodnoe, practicing the technique of piloting in quiet, not turbulent conditions. A large amount of water in front of the slope aligns the most turbulent air, the water can be seen the local and global wind increases — all this guarantees comfort and no shaking in the air. What else do you need for a comfortable leisurely air trips — only 4-7 meters per second, the West wind.
A great launching pad allows accommodate both very large number of pilots. Someone engaged groundhanding, someone takes off, someone is going to land — plenty of space. Yagodnoe — a great place for the first paragliding. All very simple and stress free. Rose Dome, walked to the edge and you carefully and gently dynamic upward flow removes from the slope and lifts into the sky.
Designated takeoff and landing enough even for first pilots and minders. If you are to be the first in the life of flight, and you have difficulty with the landing at the start — can just fly down: long and wide sandy coastline is your best first landing strip and clean and soft sand in the absence of stones will save your feet in the case of excessively rigid landing that often occurs in the flying for the first time.
The road along the slope allows for quick selection of landing anywhere.

Yagodnoe place is so comfortable and convenient, that for several years now our friends from the paragliding schools «Vector-Samara» is conducted refresher flying skills — SIV courses. We are pleased they are engaged, and you recommended!

Fly in Yagodnoe are simple and comfortable, and are recommended novice pilots. In terms of security, I would put this place 5 out of 5!

How to get to Yagodnoe to the start of pilots?

Very simple! We drive to the village of Yagodnoe and go to its central part, glancing left. Saw left the church — turn there. Circling the church on the left, moving towards the Volga. They came to the beach — turn left again and along the coast we go into the forest. Not reaching 300 meters into the forest large meadow with a bias to the Volga- our start. See pilots? This is us!  Welcome on flights to Yagodnoe!

How to get there

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