01.10.2011 in Togliatti, in Komsa hosted the 2011 Cup Vyatkina

Thus, the festival wind, love and paragliders, Vyatkina Cup 2011 — took place.
This year, in addition to the gladiators were the guests of Togliatti in Samara and Volgograd, this means that our competitions are the All-Russia!
Wind today was more than enough, sometimes obscenely inflated greatly, but none of the pilots did not become a diploma gnezdovatelya, while ten were waiting for their diplomas carefully nestled pilots.
13 pilots claimed the Cup Vyatkina 2011 — it was a massacre. Sometimes I closed my eyes can not look at what is happening. That there Pavlovich, flying like an iceberg in a pair of centimeters from the ground or bend dashing daring landing in a helicopter Sasha Frolova. No one was injured, all are alive and healthy and happy with a weekend and this is the main result of the competition.
When a little-known pilot Samara in a green jacket (I think his name is Vladimir Tretyakov) playfully knocked three zeros, sitting three to a point I panicked. Cup in his eyes swam from Togliatti! But we had a trump card. This is our incomparable Victor Gerominovich! He sat in a masterful three point and then perfectly executed the bombing. And instead of bombing Tretyakov went to lunch, and this had saved from defeat Togliatti.
So Victor Olszak — Vyatkina Cup winner 2011. He was 4 years for it and deserved to win.

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