Under the North West or North wind like nothing better than to fly on a Valiant mound. This is definitely the most beautiful place Zhiguli. Sailing along the Volga River, you can see the steep and rugged slopes of the mountains, built of huge limestone plastin.O title Molodetsky mound there are a number of legends. Most likely it is due to him to take refuge in the robbers. Valiant mound is at the confluence of the Volga and Usa. With him begins the 75 km long ridge of the Zhiguli Mountains. Valiant barrow — one of the most famous peaks Zhiguli, the height of about 320 meters. From the summit offers a wonderful view of the Zhiguli Sea bay at the mound, Mount cake.

Start on the valiant mound is not for beginners. As in Morkvashi start falls into the abyss. In moderate wind and pulling vozmozhny podslozheniya dome that beginners will only add stress. And the biggest trouble — polnoe ostsutstvie landing at the bottom of the foot of the mountain. Mountain vertikaklno goes into the water splashdown in this place is unacceptable, because the rocks byuschiesya wave will not leave the pilot is no chance of rescue.

On land we go to a huge meadow on the left-rear of the Molodetsky mound, which is held Zakharovsky rally.

Currently, the valiant members of the mound national park «Samara Bend» conducted extensive work on landscaping and protect it from tourists dashing chef, leave behind piles of garbage and the inscription «Osia and Kitty were here …» bow low and thank you very much them for the job. Valiant has changed! The territory of the Samara pearl onions became protected, paved paths tourist routes organized comfortable resting place, the entrance to the Valiant barrow charge, but a symbolic fee — 50 rubles.

Having a well-organized tourist routes and beautiful beaches makes Valiant Kurgan great place for a family holiday. Pope flies, and mom and kids are splashing on the beach in the Volga River or walk around the park. Family idyll — a Valiant Kurgan!

Pros flights to Valiant mound

— The most beautiful place for flights to Samara Oblast

— Perfect for a family holiday.

Cons flights to Valiant barrow

— Difficult start into the abyss

— In the case of subsidence is no landing sites at the foot of the mountain is only possible extreme landing on a steep rocky slope

— Landing on the water deadly

Thus flights to Valiant barrow require pilots confident possession of the dome, and a reasonable choice of flying weather. Newcomers this place for flying is not recommended

How to get to the Valiant? In a hydroelectric power station, we pass the village of Woods, on the outskirts of the shafts turn right to the village Lada pointer. We drove along the main village Lada, always turning right. The road ends a valiant Kurgan.

Come to Valiant Kurgan, even just to visit here we bring a lot of pleasure. And if you’re lucky with the weather and there you fly, the impressions of you keep forever.

How to get there

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