The training program paragliding called «The guy in the dynamics.» The program consists of several stages. This program is available to any person who has no medical contraindications, regardless of gender, weight, height, and party affiliation.

1. Ground training. Raise and hold the dome over your head forward and reverse start. Moving a raised dome. Adjusting rolls and folded dome.

2. Flying in dynamics with radiovedeniem.

3. solo flight without radiovedeniya.

4. Flying in the group.

Each stage has no time limit. Man gets advice is feeling the need and yet we see that it needs to be adjusted. All steps are strictly sequential. We do not produce in the flight the pilot who is not properly mastered the wing on the ground.

Consultations are voluntary.

We do not advise people under 18 years.

As soon as you will have your dome, suspension and helmet — come to where we are going to fly (at a forum discussing the upcoming flights) and you will receive advice and practice

Welcome to the flights, the team Togliatti Fly Team, to meet on the slopes!

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