Mountain «Bald» near the village of «Big Rakovka» among paragliders simply referred to as «Rakovka.» It opened in 1995 paraglider Alexei Krapivin . Place of worship among paragliders, where the flights are going to pilots from all over the Samara Region and the surrounding area.

Rakovka — a hill, a height of about 70 meters with a flat and smooth top of a large area. Flights to Rakovka possible for all wind directions except north. The day off is always Rakovka towing winch active complex «Vector Samara» tightened directly into the clouds! In Rakovke all find a place and time poletat.V morning and evening dynamic upstream hover novice pilots, the dining termichku in thermal updrafts go the route experienced pilots. It starts with the best in Rakovka set records Samara Region pilot A.Teslenko. The place is so well suited for operations that in 2009 there was held under the direction of Igor Kazakov’s Championship of Russia on the accuracy of landing, where he participated in our pilot aerogruppy, won an honorable 19th place out of 42 drivers. Our coin is yet to come!
In an oak grove on the edge of the hill on weekends broken tent city, where drivers spend their weekends with their families. Chat, share their impressions of the flight, having fun with all the heart.

Pros flights in Rakovke

— Large range of wind to fly

— Vast expanses of take-off and landing

— A huge flat top, is where to deflate in the event the wind

— Presence in the day active winch

Cons flights in Rakovka

— Travel far to Rakovka 140 km from Togliatti

— The absence of water as an indicator of wind intensification in front slope

How to get to Rakovka from Togliatti? We’re going to Samara, Samara in the fork-Ufa to leave Ufa. In Ufa highway going to turn the Big Kamenka, then along the main road to the Big Rakovka. Gorka more visible at the entrance to Blolshoy Rakovka. The main landmark — the repeater tower mobile communications on its top.

How to get there

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