экологический фестиваль в Тольятти

A team of pilots Togliatti Fly Team participated in the first ecological festival in Togliatti — Eco Picnic.

June 11, on the shore of Big Lake in the village of Vasilyevsky Vasilevka held the First International Festival «ECO-picnic».
Environmental Festival was organized by the Togliatti city social movement promoting the realization of civil initiatives «I TOGLIATTI +» with podderzhkemerii GO Togliatti City Charitable Foundation «Togliatti Foundation.»
«ECO-picnic» aroused great interest among the inhabitants of Samara and Togliatti. Partners of the festival were made by representatives of large and medium-sized enterprises: JSC «Kuibyshev» Internet company «AIST», JSC «Tolyattihleb», a group of companies Taxi «Miami», «paint factory», the team of pilots Togliatti Fly Team.
Do not stay aside officials, public and creative organizations.
On the festival site, festival guests could get acquainted with the technology of cleaning water by algolizatsii, which told the director of the Institute Algobiotehnologii Nikolay Bogdanov and CEO of the NGO «Algobiotehnologiya» Vladimir Luhtanen.
In front of the guests of the festival was produced by sampling of water from the Great Lakes Vasilevsky, which is cleared by the second year of this technology in a pilot project of the «I + Togliatti» and the party «Civic Platform».
Guests festvalya able to participate in competitions at the sites partners of the festival, try vegetarian dishes, take part in master classes on yoga, arm wrestling, Landscaped.

Pilots paragliders with flags flying over the festival meadow, creating a holiday atmosphere.

Экологический фестиваль в Тольятти


экофестиваль в тольятти

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