Komsa — because pilots are accustomed to call another gem of our flight seats — slope on the beach of Komsomolsk district. South Wind, with minor deviations to the West or the East needs to fly in Komsa.

Located in the city, 100 meters high and the length of 5 kilometers of sandy slope Komsa perfect for novice pilots. A sort of Duna de Pila in Togliatti!
Pull up on the car almost to the start all the year round and the winter and summer that makes this place so affordable for flights, some pilots come to fly in Komsa in your lunch break.

The platform for the launch of 100×30 meters helps to place more pilots. It should however be noted that the launch pad is surrounded by forest, forcing inexperienced pilots to land not on the start and down to the beach. In the case of strong winds, the forest behind the pilot forces to exercise caution and squeeze the accelerator, leaving the Volga.

Many Togliatti pilots hung his dome on the trees in the Komsa. Filming dome with tree- not a pleasant occupation. Therefore, assessing the potential danger of the place to Togliatti pilots on five-point system, I would put this place a solid 4.
Pros flights Komsa

— Proximity to the city makes it possible to fly on the job.

— Large volume of water levels turbulent air flights calm, but pulls a little more than in berry

— On water, on the dark spots on it are seen approaching strengthen both local and global. No surprises us traps, everything is under control.

— The dynamic upward flow in Komsa adds a bit of thermal updrafts allow you to type up to 600 meters in height

Cons flights COMS

— Around the start of the trees, the forest for the start of a kilometer, deflate back ever. So, ladies and gentlemen, the pilots, seeing on the Volga global increase in wind, rush down to the landing. Better to wait out the wind at the bottom than to take wing with wood.
How to get to the launch pad at Komsa? Follow the instructions:

We go to the Komsomolsk region of the forest zone, pass gas station at the entrance to the city on the street Communist, begin to slow down. On the right we see the parking lot in front of which turn to the right — the Volga — we go there. We reached Sadiq park the car, take a glider and go right along the edge of the forest on the concrete path. Through 100metrov you on the spot. Enjoy your flight in Komsa!

How to get there