Gubino — slope at the north and north-west wind, located at the end of the Usinsk Bay near the village of Gubino Shigonskogo area. A height of about 80 meters and a length of several hundred meters of the slope makes it comfortable to fly a few pilots in the dynamic and thermal updrafts. The top of the slope allows you to start anywhere. Landing on top, on the slopes or at the foot of the slope is simple and convenient. Boundless field behind the start, allow to deflate in the event the wind. All gain and wind can be seen in the water of the Gulf of Usinsk at the foot of the mountain. Tolyatti pilots do not often fly in Gubin as a north have Morkvashi Shiryaevo, Valiant barrow. Novice pilots who are not ready to fly in the Zhiguli mountains, Gubino a north wind is simple and comfortable.
Pros flights Gubino

— The most comfortable slope at the north wind, is suitable for novice pilots flying

— Water in the slope indicates the changes of wind

Cons flights Gubino

— To go far. Either the 130 km detour through hydroelectric power stations, or by ferry across Usolye.

How to get in Gubino? Way 2.

1. Through the HPS on Syzran, care Shigony, before the village will Gubino downhill between two hills. We are on the right hill.

2. Through Usolye. On the ferry we reach Usolye, continue going to Shigony, pass the village and after Shigony Gubino long ascent between two hills — we left on the hill!

Start your acquaintance with the wind from the North Gubino!

How to get there

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