Vyatkin Cup 2014

Feast of Love and paragliders — «Vyatkina Cup 2014″, after several attempts, a year — take place.
The day was very kind.
First barrel of the south

Then it began to rain.
Then came the calm.
Then, abruptly, and blew strongly from the north-west
And only in the evening all the leveled and the competition.
Athletes have tried to judge dispassionately recorded, […]

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Airspace structure.

Where possible, and where not to fly a paraglider? See here.

Free Google Earth for many appreciated as a very convenient and informative software. However, the creator of the program, the corporation Google, that gave third-party developers to create three-dimensional layers that can be combined with satellite images.

Such openness, allowed RAOPA endow the program functionality by […]

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Pilots maintain ecological festival in Togliatti

A team of pilots Togliatti Fly Team participated in the first ecological festival in Togliatti — Eco Picnic.

June 11, on the shore of Big Lake in the village of Vasilyevsky Vasilevka held the First International Festival «ECO-picnic».
Environmental Festival was organized by the Togliatti city social movement promoting the realization of civil initiatives «I TOGLIATTI +» […]

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International forum «Togliatti — city of the future» and Togliatti Fly Team

November 14-15, 2013 in Tolyatti hosted an international forum «Tolyatti- city of the future.» The company introduced the public Alprom team Togliatti Fly Team and paragliding as a promising practice in the development of tourism in our city.

With a brilliant speaker was the pilot Maxim Ol’khov. By results establish new contacts with the Togliatti Mayor’s […]

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Vyatkina Cup 2013 — competition for precision landing in Togliatti

The Togliatti October 13, 2013 has passed the most important event in the life of Togliatti paragliders — «Vyatkina Cup 2013″ with the support of the advertising agency «Alprom»
This contest the accuracy of the landing target and the accuracy of the «bombing.»
20 pilots gathered sunny windy day in berry to find out — who are […]

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Sergei Novikov injured on flights to Komsa

31.08. 2013 Komsa about 14-30 Sergei Novikov was blown away by strong winds had come up in the woods. He flew for a long time that day. When it came uslilenie he was closer to the spoon. Wind from the east mowed. There he was barred. First, he had long stood on the Axel, but he […]

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In June 2013 Rakovka on Bald Mountain Championship of Russia on the accuracy of the landing of 2013.


In June 2013 Rakovka on Bald Mountain Championship of Russia on the accuracy of the landing of 2013. Praise nothing — we have lost. But we tried, and entered the top ten winners. The most successful was Karakozov Dmitry, he took 7th place. The most pontovo was Alexey Meshcheryakov (pictured). He pontovatsya-pontovatsya, but misses the […]

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Vyatkina Cup 2012

Sensations do not happen and the Cup went to Victor Gerominovichu. It is perfectly clear landing ottarabanil 3 to 0, and when we are asked to perform a test, he attempted to -4 and 4 to zero usandalil.

Vyatkina Cup 2012

The second place by a small margin (total 20 points) — Alexei […]

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Free training paragliding in Togliatti in 2013

Team pilots Togliatti Fly Team in 2013 for those wishing to learn how to fly a paraglider in Togliatti holds the unprecedented action — a course of consultations on the ground training and a workshop «Flying in dynamics» for free! That is nothing. In the 2013 season, you can simply buy their equipment free of […]

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Winning Togliatti Fly Team in the competition of aero photography

In October 2012 in a contest held Oktjabrsk aerial photography. The best become pilots of Air Group Togliatti Togliatti Fly Team! Did someone doubted our success?



And this is a video of this difficult mission



Beautiful, is not it?



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