Where possible, and where not to fly a paraglider? See here.

Free Google Earth for many appreciated as a very convenient and informative software. However, the creator of the program, the corporation Google, that gave third-party developers to create three-dimensional layers that can be combined with satellite images.


Such openness, allowed RAOPA endow the program functionality by which you can see in the graphic form the entire structure of Russian airspace. To do this, the program adds an additional layer. On satellite images of Google Earth overlaid graphic three-dimensional image of the entire structure of the EP. The service provides current data limitations and forbidden zones: on the map indicates only the relevant NOTAM, and the database is updated every half hour.
Using the service, you can receive the following information:
— The boundaries of zonal centers;
— The boundaries of regional centers;
— The boundaries of local dispatch centers;
— The boundaries of airports, airfields;
— The boundaries of areas aerouzlov;
— Prohibited areas;
— Hazardous areas (possible artillery fire, falling rocket parts);
— Restricted areas, with the time limit;
— NOTAM (series, type, text);
— Airways (direction permitted height, true and magnetic course);
— Local air line (direction permitted height, true and magnetic course);
— Base airfields (index membership, the size of the runway and courses, radio frequency).

The file structure of the EP: vprf.kmz (332 b)
Installation and use (InstructionsVPforGoogleEarth.pdf (1.37 MB).
Google Earth (http://www.google.com/intl/ru/earth/download/ge/agree.html)

Source: AOPA