Aero photo view of Togliatti and Samara — a unique offer from the team Togliatti Fly Team. We are in love with the sky, a lot of paragliding and photograph the beauty that we see, to share with everyone. Photos are so successful and high-quality that constantly receives requests to photograph the property, land, a festive event. Therefore, we decided to pay more attention to aerial photography. Where aerial may be required?

First it is necessary to construction companies. We are friends with a number of city building kompaniyammi and occasionally do aerial photography of houses under construction, cottage sites, settlements, fix the various stages of construction. Our pictures from the air is applied to the acts of the hidden works for pipelines and gas pipelines. Our photos are placed on advertising banners, in magazines and newspapers.

We’re not doing the business of aerial photography. We just fly and photograph, and we are very successful. Our pilots win in aerial competitions held in the Samara region, because we have excellent pilots, we have high-quality photographic equipment and elegant photography.

Many offer photos from the air, but no one except us does not fit into the soul. Aerial view — only teams Togliatti Fly Team.

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