We- team Togliatti Fly Team, pilots Togliatti, Samara and the Samara region, united by a common passion, paragliding.

Togliatti Fly Team is the exclusive club of pilots at its own expense, at their own risk and on their own personal responsibility exercising paragliding. Paragliding — deadly occupation in which you are involved, we do not intend to. You want an extreme? There are a lot less dangerous entertainment — kite surfing, mountain skiing, diving … There are all sorts of interesting activities in the world, why do you paragliders?

If the sky did not, if you do not matter what you want to learn how to fly a paraglider write an e-mail info@togliattiflyteam.ru go to our forum.

Paragliding is not much different from flying in a dream. You just pick up the glider, repels the ground and fly. To fly as long as you’d like, at any altitude. You can fly very low — hands touching the ground, and can be very high, you can climb even in the cloud. Learning to fly is simple — perhaps even easier than on a bike ride. Paragliding takes up very little space. A small backpack weighing less than 20 kilograms holds a glider, harness, reserve parachute and helmet. Prices for paragliders also readily available. Thus, a set of b / y of equipment will cost you 35-40 thousand rubles. If you prefer an all-new, then cook for at least 150 thousand. But the air and the wind updrafts — absolutely free! Paragliding give you many wonderful hours of flight, you will never forget. You can fly alone, but can be together — in tandem. Your girl will be delighted by the flight! .Welcome To fly, the team Togliatti Fly Team, to meet on the slopes!

Our team

Alexey Meshcheryakov
Alexey MeshcheryakovThe referee and the inspirer of Togliatti Fly Team
Fair and incorruptible judge all paragliding competition in Togliatti, Samara and Samara Region. Candidate Master of Sports of Microlight Gliding. Winner CHPFO 2009.
Victor Olshak
Victor OlshakDesign Engineer and generous sponsor of Togliatti Fly Team
The brilliant throughout, Victor Gerominovich brings to fly the clean and bright, which makes us again and again to go to the sky in paragliding.
Dmitry Vasiliev
Dmitry VasilievTandem pilot and webmaster Togliatti Fly Team
A talented programmer with a powerful intellect. His inquisitive mind makes things move in space. It is believed that Mr glider can fly without, just the power of thought. The most experienced tandem pilot of our team, traveled half the globe in search of the best place to fly. As a result, he admitted that the best place for paragliding — is Togliatti!
Alexander Sharapov
Alexander Sharapovpilot paratrayke
The best sightseeing tours in the evening air around Togliatti possible only with the help of Alexander. He has a personal double paratrayke that allows you to perform the most beautiful flights in Togliatti.