All the flying dream in childhood. Though it was once everyone — off the ground and flew …. It will be exciting!

Growing up, many no longer dream and no longer fly. But looking at the birds and the pilots Togliatti Fly Team, each vpominat these magical moments coast and wants to experience them is no longer a dream but reality. It’s pure emotional desire we realize in reality. Because now you can fly in the sky Togliatti with an instructor in tandem. Flying in tandem with an instructor in Togliatti perform the best and most experienced pilots of Togliatti Fly Team.

Tandem flights are possible on a paraglider with a motor and motorless in (free) version.

Flying in tandem motoparaplane bit like flying Carlson. You sit down in a special unit, which is attached behind the engine with the propeller. Engine plant — the propeller! And poleteli.Motornye flights are unique in that you can go there, which had no way to reach except by air. You can fly low, low to the ground, just a few meters from the ground, but you can get above the clouds for a few kilometers. I must say that at the height of several kilometers is very cold (even if on the ground + 30), but it is easy to breathe!

Flying without a motor is more like a flight of birds, as there is no engine roar and vibration — only the whistling of the wind, the height of the sky.

To paraglide in tandem with an instructor you should not have medical contraindications against the flight, should not panic fear of heights and you must clearly aware that paragliding — is extreme in its purest form. 100%

the amount of adrenaline released during a flight on a paraglider 100 из 100%

Safety in tandem with an instructor

The first thing any sensible care of Person is the answer to the question: «How safe paragliding?»
Mad scumbags and this issue does not care, but we prefer not to communicate such.
The high altitude and a piece of synthetic cloth over his head connected with thin straps Seats — the situation is at first sight stremnovato.
There is a lot of questions:
«And suddenly the glider will develop?»
«What if the lines come off?»
«What if I will carry into space?»
Know on flights in tandem «suddenly» and «suddenly» does not exist!
A few words about safety for intelligent people.
Security paragliding is:
1. Choosing the right weather for flying.
We will never fly if you are not sure what the weather is not suitable for flying. Often, the weather forecast and the actual weather at the start different, so we always focus on the actual weather. Before flying in tandem with the passenger in the sky is always the pilot takes off — weather reconnaissance. He is an experienced pilot, which determines the suitability of weather conditions for flying in tandem with an instructor. It is he who decides on the admission of a passenger in tandem with the air. If he has the slightest doubt as to the weather conditions — the flight is canceled. This is not negotiable. However, the weather is very changeable and some time scout weather again soars into the sky to monitor its sostoyaniya.My should be able to wait for the flight, and will certainly take place! Safe and beautiful flight.
2. The modern equipment for the flight. The most recent certified foreign gliders and suspension systems, specially designed for flying in tandem. Required in addition to the glider pilot has a built in emergency parachute designed to rescue the pilot and passenger. Remember, we always have a spare tire in the most extreme case.
All equipment with multiple air safety margin and inspected regularly.
3. The experience of the pilots. Our pilots are licensed, have the experience of at least three years of safe trouble-free flights. Their annual completed not less than 100 hours, they participate and win in all competitions held in the Samara region.
Trusting pilots Togliatti Fly Team, you will receive a full guarantee of safety of your flight. Sometimes we give up the flight, and you need to be understanding this, because it is done solely for reasons of your own safety.
Fly safely with the team Togliatti Fly Team!

Attention, if the pilot has doubts about the safety of the flight due to weather conditions, or as a passenger, the flight is canceled and postponed to a more opportune time.

Who can and who can not paragliding in tandem with an instructor?

You wanted to paraglide with an instructor, but you refused because you are under 18 years old. The fact that paragliding may carry a potential risk. If unsuccessful landing adult probably just get a bruise on his leg, but unformed body of a child under the age of 18, in this case can get a lot more damage. So we fly safely, only with adult passengers and calm weather conditions. All passengers, we are able to insure your health and all the equipment is equipped with modern rescue systems. If you are under 18 years old and you are denied paragliding instructor, please treat it with understanding, because the safety of flight for us in the first place.

It would be a mistake to take paragliding as a certain kind of roller coaster. How fun «for everyone.» This is not so. Air — this element. Paragliding — it’s 100% extreme entertainment adequate mature people are fully aware what is happening, understand and accept the risks. Babies do not belong here. Just not allowed to fly a person intoxicated, pregnant women, persons with diseases in which flights are contraindicated.

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